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More and more people with ailments of various sorts are turning lately to alternative medicine, especially traditional Chinese medicine, as possible cures to whatever illnesses they suffer from. There are many different reasons as to why these people choose to pursue alternative medicine, but generally, the reasons given are that alternative medicine is regarded as harmless, painless and without side effects. West Torrens Accupuncture is one of the more popular alternative treatments available, and accupuncture to the scalp is said to provide a cure to chronic headaches and to hair loss for both men and women.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM for short is a coherent and independent system of medical thought and practice that utilizes the techniques of acupuncture, moxibustion, nutrition, herbs, exercise and massage in its therapy.

I have suffered from low back pain since I was 15 years old. It could have been any number of accidents that caused my problems, but I think it was the cracking the sacrum tobogganing on pine needles. That was a pretty painful childhood memory and I’m pretty sure the culprit of my problems.

It has evolved over thousands of years and because West Torrens Accupuncture is rooted in a philosophy and culture entirely foreign to the West it has developed it’s own unique perception and language concerning the body and disease.

West Torrens Accupuncture

Ancient Chinese healers studied the external rhyme and season of nature and applied those laws and language in their observations of human bodily functions. Wind, heat, cold, fire, dryness and damp are words that apply not only to nature but to the body. For example in TCM an acute sore throat is not considered a viral infection but rather an attack of wind heat.

This uniqueness does not make Chinese medicine primitive or magical. Nor does it make the mystical and ultimate truth. It simply means that TCM is a complete, though different system than Western medicine.

West Torrens Accupuncture is also different from the West…
It is not so much the physical organ that is being described, but rather its functions and those functions in relationship to other organs. For example, the liver according to TCM physiology has the function of nourishing the eyes, muscles and tendons, which are not liver functions recognized in Western medical science. If it is not functioning adequately a person may suffer stiff, aching, twitching, or cramping muscles or dry itchy eyes. The liver also has many other functions.

Some of the West Torrens Accupuncture physiology is radically different from a Western medical approach. For example, one of the Heart’s functions is circulating the blood, however it is also the consciousness -awareness centre of the body. In Western terms though, this is considered a brain function.

Even though the two physiologies may be different, if each system is viewed in it’s entirety, their theoretical framework becomes logical and complete.